Business Owner Planning

Small businesses are central to the U.S. economy. The 28 million small businesses in the United States employ about half (56.1 million) of the nation's private workforce.5 Yet only 40% of these businesses survive into the second generation, only 13% will still be around by the third and only 3% survive to the forth or beyond.6 The reasons are varied, but include family conflict, failure to design a proper succession plan and federal estate taxes.

To avoid a similar fate, business owners need a plan.  We can help you structure and implement a plan to help you toward your objectives in the following areas:

  • Business succession planning, which may include dispositions during life and at death
  • Executive compensation plans
  • Employee group benefits
  • Employee stock option analysis

If you are a business owner or key executive of a closely held or family owned business, we can help you maximize your equity. Our efforts are specifically directed to protecting assets, transferring the business, building for retirement and preserving their wealth. From business valuations to growth and exit strategies, we pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of value-building tools.

We provide the following integrated platform to those who retain our services:

  • Business owner planning to privately held and family owned businesses
  • Buy-sell analysis and funding
  • Qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation plans
  • Business succession planning
  • Wealth preservation planning
  • Employee benefits programs
  • Key executive protection
  • Sale of business+
  • Exit strategies+
  • Business valuation+
  • Value-building programs+

Much of your net worth is likely tied up in the family business. Doesn't it make sense to coordinate this with all the other areas of your personal financial planning? We believe so.


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+ Available through access to third-party, unaffiliated resources.